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Wayne Blackwell Memorial Award

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Wayne Blackwell Memorial Award
by Linda Jackson - Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 11:37 AM

The purpose of this award is to perpetuate the ideals that Wayne Blackwell exemplified by providing encouragement and recognition to Automotive Entry Level students who have shown the most improvement through their hard work and perseverance.
In August of 2019, Ben Sammons started his pathway into Automotive through our Foundation program.  As an instructor, we don t know what kind of students we will have in our classes and how they will accept and understand the trade.  This quiet student sitting off to the side, taking in so much content and detail in class blew us away.  Achieving a completion with distinction which is a grade above 95%, he completed top in his class. Ben's practical skills matched his theory talents too, as he was one that started and completed a task in the same time higher apprentice-level students would achieve.  We are happy to present the Wayne Blackwell Memorial Award.