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Rodger Hargreaves Memorial Award

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Rodger Hargreaves Memorial Award
by Linda Jackson - Wednesday, 17 June 2020, 11:34 AM

Awarded to an outstanding Level 2 Apprentice who competed Level 1 as a South Island Partnership (SIP) student.

Axel Trambley entered Camosun College as a SIP student in 2017 after being interviewed by Rodger Hargreaves for the Self-directed Electrical Foundation program.  As a Claremont Secondary and Trades Exploration (TEX) graduate, Axel was known as a diligent, unassuming, eager-to-learn student. Axel completed the Self-Directed Electrical Foundation Program with 88% and then returned to complete Level 2 with 96%, receiving Distinguished status. We are proud to honour Axel with the Rodger Hargreaves Memorial award and wish him continued success in his future.