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Learning to Lead - Minerva

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Learning to Lead - Minerva
by Katherine Slingsby - Tuesday, 19 September 2023, 10:53 AM

At Learning to Lead, they help self-identified girls in grades 10-12 unlock the full potential and power of leadership within themselves. They fiercely believe that every individual has a unique gift of leadership that should be uncovered, celebrated, and strengthened. Registrations are now open for this free leadership program!

Learning to Lead™ is all about helping youth increase Self-KnowledgeConnection, and Confidence. Their curriculum supports youth to discover how to use their strengths and personal values to guide their journey of self-confidence. Participants leave the program with greater self-awareness, access to a network of peers and mentors who will support them on their educational and career journeys, and the inspiration to take on new challenges and opportunities.

See poster below for more info!