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UVic - HighTechU 2022 Summer Programs

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UVic - HighTechU 2022 Summer Programs
by Cammie Watson - Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 1:54 PM


Get your students to explore high opportunity career pathways through exciting hands-on experiences with UVic.

As another school year comes to an end, some students might be looking for opportunities to develop new skills, while others might not be quite sure where to start.

Empowered by the UVic department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, HighTechU's programs are designed to teach students job-ready skills in promising tech fields such as SoftwareComputer and Electrical Engineering, helping them to understand the applications and social impact they can make through each one of them.

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Empower your girls to explore a career in engineering with FortisBC

HighTechU has partnered with FortisBC to empower women in engineering. 

A group of 5 female high school students will be selected to work as a part of a team with 5 UVic engineering students to work on a real renewable energy project.

Students will learn core ElectricalComputer and Software Engineering skills, as well as Project Management skills, boosting their confidence and resumé for future career opportunities.

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Get INSPIRED with this amazing program from our partners
INSPIRE is a program created to promote dynamic and experiential learning to UVic students by engaging them in real-world projects with local community partners. The program will soon open to high school students as well.

Join them on June 20th for inspirational speakers, mentorship table talks, and student presentations on their community projects to learn more and get your school involved.

Free entry. Catered event. Open to students, faculty and community.
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