Topic outline

  • Youth Work In Trades (YWIT) 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B Overview


    Youth Work In Trades (WRK) 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B are all elective courses approximately 120 hours in duration.  

    Students must be “school age*” to participate in these courses. The main purpose of these courses is two fold:

    • provide students with an opportunity to log valuable Work-Based Training hours as an integral part of the Youth Apprenticeship program with Industry Training Authority (ITA) of BC

    • give students a head start on banking their hours and provide a means of honouring legitimate trade training that happens outside the confines of a conventional classroom.

    In order for students to participate in this very focused form of Work Experience, students must first become indentured as a Youth Apprentice with an employer in a specific trade.  The students must be supervised by a qualified trade practitioner with a Certificate of Qualification or Sign Off Authority.

    Though students may begin working for the employer doing one of the Work Experience courses (WEx 12A or 12B) in an unpaid capacity, they must be paid when participating in the Youth Work In Trades (WRK) courses.

    Youth Work In Trades (WRK) 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B  are all credit courses that are customized to meet students’ career and educational needs for their specific chosen trade.  As such, a unique “training plan” must be created in consultation with the school based Career Counsellor and workplace employer/supervisor prior to the commencement of each 120 hour time segment.  Trade specific training plan templates are available on this site.

    The Youth Work In Trades Handbook outlines a series of events and documentation that must be completed as part of the course requirements.

    * For definition of school age see “school age” in the “Glossary of Acronyms & Terms” under the Resources tab on the Saanich Career Education website.

    Industry Training Authority manages over 100 trades programs in BC, 49 of which are Red Seal Trades.

    Check out the links below, if you are working in any of these areas you should be connecting with your Career Teacher.