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Career Life Connections (CLC) District Outline

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Career Life Connections (CLC) District Outline
by Linda Jackson - Monday, 7 December 2020, 12:10 PM

All graduating students must complete the Career Life Connections course, 30 hours or more of Career Life Exploration, and the culminating Career Life Connections Capstone Project.

Career Life Connections (CLC):  This course will be completed inside of the timetable, either in the second semester of Grade 11 or in the first semester of Grade 12.  The first half of the course will be dedicated to course work during class time, and the second half of the course will include time that is reserved for students to work on their Capstone Project.

  • Capstone Project: Students will complete their Capstone project in the second half of the CLC course.  Students will be working independently, with weekly meetings with the CLC teacher for check-ins and progress updates.  Presentation of the Capstone will take place in the last week of the CLC course.

  • Career Life Exploration:  This exploration is related to the work experience that started in CLE 10.  Signed proof of completion for the accumulated hours and a student reflection are both required; this mark will be assigned as part of the CLC course.  There are several ways that the exploration can be accomplished and they are detailed in the Career Life Explorations handout.  The minimum amount/ requirement is 30 hours of experience with a connection to the student’s future in:



Field Projects


Service Learning

Youth Work in Trades/Work Experience 12

Project of Deep Interest

Course breakdown:  CLC Class = 50%     CLC Capstone = 50%

For any questions about CLC, please see your school Career Life Connections Teacher.