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For Gr 12 Graduates - Vector Marketing

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For Gr 12 Graduates - Vector Marketing
by Cammie Watson - Thursday, 18 June 2020, 9:59 AM

A message to schools from Vector Marketing Branch Manager, Luke Sherwin:

Currently, we’re taking applications for a remote customer service and sales position, offering students the opportunity to not only make an income, but be able to learn valuable soft skills including communication, time management, leadership and organizational skills. 
We offer a guaranteed $20.25 base-pay/appointment and flexible scheduling to accommodate students schedules. I initially started working as an independent sales representative with Vector Marketing right after high school, and have grown personally and professionally tremendously from this experience. I’d like to help provide that same opportunity to your students. It’s a premier student opportunity that not only helps them build their resumes, but we also offer 40 corporate scholarships annually. Essentially their job would be to meet with customers via zoom/call, answer their questions and help them place their orders. We’ve been training individuals for years to work remote, where all interviews, training and presentations are done virtually. 

Luke Sherwin


Branch Manager
Vector Marketing Victoria