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Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Field Trip (Ages 16-18)

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Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Field Trip (Ages 16-18)
by Cammie Watson - Monday, 6 January 2020, 11:56 AM

Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Field Trip (Ages 16-18)

When? Friday, February 28th to Monday, March 2nd, 2020 -  Registration Deadline January 15!

Contact/To Apply: Rhiannon Cockayne (SIDES) -

How much? The actual cost is about $600 per student (3 nights, food, accommodation, & program costs incl 2 boat trips), but we have some sponsorship in the works that may reduce the cost to $300 per student. If the cost is prohibitive, please let Rhiannon know as we want all interested to have to opportunity to join us on this trip.

NOTE:  The days are VERY busy, and students will be engaged from 7 am until 9-10 pm (with time for meals, of course!)

Why all the excitement?

Saanich is looking to continue a proud SD63 tradition of offering a field trip experience to the world-renowned Bamfield Marine Science Centre in Bamfield, BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island.

Some Activities:

  • Observation of intertidal areas of open, rocky shores and sandy beaches
  • Intertidal studies of mussel/barnacle communities
  • The natural history of bays and mudflats
  • Planktonic collection and microscopic examination
  • The natural history of docks and pilings
  • Open ocean dredging and otter trawling to examine subtidal sea life
  • Laboratory observations of field collections
  • Laboratory work with marine organisms in display tanks and seawater tables
  • Laboratory studies of behaviour, physiology, taxonomy, etc of specific groups of marine organisms
  • Slide shows of fieldwork
  • Tour of local fishing community and boardwalk
  • Observation of sea birds, eagles, sea lions and maybe some whales.

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