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Free Financial Literacy Workshop

Picture of Katherine Slingsby
Free Financial Literacy Workshop
by Katherine Slingsby - Tuesday, 25 April 2023, 12:46 PM

The Gustavson School of Business at UVic is inviting high school students to join a free financial literacy workshop. Dr. Michael King leads this interactive session for students to strengthen and prepare their financial footing to enter university life. This workshop will give students a taste of Gustavson and finance through a fun and engaging session. This workshop has been designed specifically for grade 9 - 12 students
If any students are interested in the following topics, we highly recommend that they register for our session! 
  • They want to take responsibility for their financial life, starting with mobile banking and day-to-day spending, and are curious about where to start.
  • They have questions about their credit score and how it is used to evaluate you for: mobile phone, credit card, apartment rental, summer job, car loan, and much more.
  • They want to build up savings and start investing in stocks, bonds, ETFs…
  • They are interested in what a university class might be like   
The workshop will be delivered via Zoom, click the link below to register for either Wednesday, May 17th or Thursday, May 18th:  

If you have any questions regarding the workshop or our program please email me at