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Work BC Career Resources - Career Trek Videos

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Work BC Career Resources - Career Trek Videos
by Cammie Watson - Monday, 16 May 2022, 9:06 AM has added 18 new Career Trek videos to its collection. The videos feature working British Columbians describing their job duties, education, key skills and more.

Travel with our host Mariam, across British Columbia and meet people with interesting careers from robotics engineers to photographers to sheet metal workers.

Watch day-in-the-life videos and become inspired by Aleem, a dynamic and creative interior designer, or Toni, an operations manager for a catering company. Meet Andrew, a compost coordinator who takes waste and turns it into something good for the environment.

Find out what it’s like to work in a green job or a specific industry like health care or the trades. Discover high opportunity occupations and learn which skills you need to achieve your goals.

No matter what your background is or where you are in your career, there is something for everyone. Discover the diversity in workers across our province and learn what makes their careers rewarding.

Check out over 160 Career Trek videos and find the career that is right for you!

18 new videos:
Interior Designer, Episode 148
Engineering Manager, Episode 149
Robotics Engineer, Episode 150
Chiropractor, Episode 151
Technical Sales Consultant, Episode 152
Electrical Technologist, Episode 153
Photographer, Episode 154
Compost Coordinator, Episode 155
Operations Manager, Episode 156
Optometrist, Episode 157
Medical Laboratory Technologist, Episode 158
Nursery and Greenhouse Worker, Episode 159
Medical Office Assistant, Episode 160
Gas Fitter, Episode 161
Financial Sales Representative, Episode 162
Plumber, Episode 163
Corporate Sales Manager, Episode 164
Sheet Metal Worker, Episode 165