Darcy Lazarz Memorial Scholarship (Food Service Program, Hotel/Restaurant Management or Tourism Management at Camosun College)

Criteria: Only available to Stelly's Students.  A statement outlining the applicant's education and career plans - A copy of Grade 12 transcript - Proof of registration at a post-secondary institution - A completed application must be submitted to the designated contact person

Procedure:  Students need to complete the Stelly's application form and include a scholarship resume or curriculum vitae.  This vitae must include a transcript of Grade 11 and 12 marks (predicted or final for all courses), a statement of future plans and goals, proof of post-secondary school registration or acceptance.  Application form should be completed and returned to the Stelly's Scholarship Coordinator.

Selection:  Selection will be made by the Culinary Arts Teacher in consultation with the Stelly's Scholarship Committee.

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