Machinist, Apprenticeship (Level 1)


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Machinist, Apprenticeship (Level 1)

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Career Sector:

Mechanical Trades


Saanich’s 3-prong vision for any trade bound student is: Graduation, successful completion of Level One technical training, and becoming indentured as a Youth Work In Trades apprentice.

Program Description:

  • The total amount of in-school technical training for a machinist apprenticeship is 780 hours.  There are four levels of technical training: Levels 1 & 2, 6 weeks - Level 3 & 4, 7 weeks.
  • The machinist apprenticeship process requires time spent on the job and in-school training. A machinist trainee must complete a four-year program including 6,600 workplace hours and 780 in-school hours of training. After completion of training, a passing grade on the interprovincial exam will result in the B.C. Certificate of Apprenticeship, the B.C. Certificate of Qualification, and the Interprovincial Standard Endorsement, also known as Red Seal.


British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby Campus

Post Secondary Partner:

British Columbia Institute of Technology


All South Island Partnership Programs are available to any Saanich “school aged” student registered in any Saanich District school and meeting the prerequisites for the specific program.


Recommended, not required.

  • High school graduation
  • English 12 or English language proficiency
  • Algebra 11 or Trade Mathematics 11
  • Physics 11 or Science and Technology 11
  • If you are registered with the Industry Training Authority, you can apply now to BCIT's Apprenticeship Studies program.

  • Successful completion of the school-based component of a Youth Train In Trades Automotive Service Technician program (eg “Auto-Tech”)

  • Relevant Work Experience: a minimum of 120 hours of directly related work experience


  • Registered Youth Apprentice (Youth WORK In Trades) with Industry Training Authority of BC

  • Substantial (800 to 1000) hours of relevant Work-Based Training logged as a youth apprentice in industry

Application Process:

Students must meet with their school based Career Counsellor to initiate the application process.  They must complete a current Camosun “program application” package, ensure they meet the minimum prerequisites, and complete a three/four year transition plan.  Once the student’s application has been accepted and the student has been offered a seat in the program of choice, the student will be supported to complete an online Camosun Registration where they will pay the application fee of $90.00.

Credits Earned:

  • Students will earn credit for 2 “dual credit” Automotive Service Technician courses equalling 8 credits toward graduation
  • Machinist, Apprenticeship PSIA 12A and PSIA 12B

Materials / Equipment / Cost:

  • There is no tuition cost, but students are required to pay an application fee of $90.00.
  • Miscellaneous fees
  • Students will need to provide their own CSA-approved steel-toed boots, eye protection and coveralls (type of coveralls required for your program)
  • personal safety protection. eg: eye protection, hearing protection, hard hat etc.
  • Textbook fees are approximately $600.
  • Students must provide their own minor hand tools.  Approximate cost ranges from $200 to $300.
Transition Process:

  • In keeping with our vision for a trade bound student, we ultimately want to see the student become indentured as an apprentice in industry.  For some students this may happen before attending their first session of technical training, and for some it may occur following their Level One or Foundation training.  In either case the student will be required to spend significant time in industry involved in Work-Based Training before returning for the next level of Technical Training.  This “time on tools” varies by trade from 1000 to approximately 2000 hours until all levels of Technical Training have been successfully completed and all required Work-Based Training hours have been logged.
  • For Machinist Apprenticeship there are four Levels and the apprentice must log 6360 hours of WBT to complete his/her apprenticeship.

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