Dairy Production Technician, Apprenticeship (Level 1)


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Dairy Production Technician, Apprenticeship (Level 1 (DPT1))

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Saanich’s 3-prong vision for any trade bound student is: Graduation, successful completion of Level One technical training, and becoming indentured as a Youth Work In Trades apprentice.

Program Description:

  • The Level 1 Dairy Production program runs for 7 months part-time and commences in early September and runs to mid March.
  • The Level One Dairy Production technical training will cover a broad ...

Dairy apprenticeship technical training is a practical program that covers a broad variety of topics: milking, milking equipment cleaning and maintenance, mastitis, animal handling, farm safety, identification of common diseases, administration of medication (ProAction), record keeping, hoof health, obstetrics and reproduction.
"Dairy Production Technician" means a person who operates and maintains farm equipment that sustains farm sanitation, herd health and breeding; feeds the dairy herd, milks cows, and cares for calves.


  • Full day classes will generally be held at UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre, 6947 Lougheed Highway in Agassiz, from 8:30 AM till 3:00 PM (with milking labs starting at 7 AM).
  • Afternoon classes we be held at Greenbelt Veterinary Services, 8451 Harvard Place in Chilliwack.

Post Secondary Partner:

Greenbelt Veterinary Services Ltd., Chilliwack and UBC Dairy Education and Research Centre, Agassiz


All Dual Credit Partnership Programs are available to any Saanich “school aged” students registered in any Saanich District school and meeting the prerequisites for the specific program.


  • Relevant Work Experience in the Dairy Production field.
  • Registered Youth Apprentice (Youth WORK In Trades) with Industry Training Authority of BC

Application Process:

Students must meet with their school based Career Counsellor to initiate the application process.  They must complete a current Greenbelt Apprentice Registration form, ensure they meet the minimum prerequisites, and complete a three/four year transition plan.  

Credits Earned:

  • Students will earn credit for 2 “dual credit” Dairy Production Technician courses equalling 8 credits toward graduation
  • Dairy Production Technician PSITA 12A and PSITA 12B

Materials / Equipment / Cost:

  • There is no tuition cost, but students are required to pay a registration fee (includes student materials): $241.50 (incl GST)

Transition Process:

  • In keeping with our vision for a trade bound student, we ultimately want to see the student become indentured as an apprentice in industry.  For some students this may happen before attending their first session of technical training, and for some it may occur following their Level One or Foundation training.  In either case the student will be required to spend significant time in industry involved in Work-Based Training before returning for the next level of Technical Training.  This “time on tools” varies by trade from 1000 to approximately 2000 hours until all levels of Technical Training have been successfully completed and all required Work-Based Training hours have been logged.
  • For Dairy Production Technician there are four Levels and the apprentice must log 6360 hours of WBT to complete his/her apprenticeship.

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