Certificate Programs

YEP offers the following training opportunities throughout the year:

Alert Emergency First Aid with CPR "C" + AED: This fun and interactive 8 hour course This hands on trains people how to react and improvise during time priority, life threatening emergencies. This course covers initial assessment, disease prevention, secondary survey, airway obstruction, adult/child/infant CPR, and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator. This course also includes recognition and first-aid treatment for head and spine injuries, shock, bleeds, anaphylactic shock, heart attacks and strokes. Participants spend the majority of the course doing hands on first -aid training. By practicing with scenarios students gain confidence and learn to react and improvise in emergency situations. This course meets Adult and Child Licensing Guidelines.

Basics of Banking & Finance:  

  • Budgeting: What is a budget & why should you create one.  Tips to help you reach your financial goals. Ideas to help you adjust your spending.

  • Basic Banking: How to choose the right bank account. How to make interest work for you not against you. Ways to reduce your account & transaction fees.

  • Credits & Loans: you will learn all about credit cards and pre-paid cards and loans, the advantages and disadvantages, what to look for and how to calculate the “real” cost of a loan.

FoodSafe: is useful for anyone working in the food service, food retail, or food processing industries. You will learn how to handle food safely in order to prevent food from being contaminated. Cost is $50.00 (pricing is subject to change) Cash, cheque or credit card is accepted at time of registration.

Gardening Basics: is offered in the gardens of Beacon’s licensed dementia care homes in Brentwood Bay. This course taught by master gardeners benefits students participating and the residents too. It is designed to teach students skills to prepare them to do paid work in the community. Classes will cover the topics of soil preparation, planting seeds and plants, plant care, weeding, pruning, and safe use and care of tools. Residents appreciate the flowers and edibles the gardens produce throughout the summer.

Resume Writing: Get help from Beacon’s own employment counselling professional! Learn how to polish up an existing resume or create your first resume.

Retail Training: This is a full day commitment 4 Sundays each month. This program prepares you for first time work experiences in retail and many other work environments. You will be treated as an employee and working alongside a busy team of staff members. Learn cash, customer service, displays, inventory, pricing and more.

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