STAC (Skills Training Apprenticeship Carpentry) (2nd semester every year)

Program Description:

The program runs in second semester of each year.  It is recommended that students participate in a full semester program in both grade 11 and grade 12 and work in industry during the summer between.  Students learn the basics of residential framing from site preparation and concrete work through wall and floor framing to roof framing to ‘lock-up”.   Students attend classes from Monday to Wednesday with a blend of in-class time learning theoretical concepts and field time building a significant class project.  Thursday and Friday are reserved for participation in work experience placements with industry employers from the local community. After successful completion of the school based portion of the program students advance to Camosun College to complete a regular 7-week Level One Carpentry Apprenticeship class.

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Location / Post Secondary Partner:

SD63 Continuing Education , in partnership with Camosun College.


All Saanich District Programs are available to any “school aged” student registered in any Saanich District school.


Students must possess grade appropriate numeracy and literacy skills and have a genuine interest and curiosity in learning about Carpentry as a potential career pathway.  Students are advised to have some work experience in industry prior to enrolling in the program. Upon completion of this program students transition to Camosun College to participate in a regular Level One Carpentry Apprenticeship class. In order to do so, students must must achieve a minimum of 75% in all school based Carpentry courses and have a program teacher recommendation in order to advance to the Level One class at Camosun.

Application Process:

Students must complete a STAC (Skills Training Apprenticeship Carpentry) application package.  Students must first meet with their school based career counsellor to discuss and develop a personalized education/transition plan.  Students will be accepted into the program based on a recommendation from the school based team at the student’s home school.  Application:

Credits Earned:

Students should earn credit for a potential of 9 carpentry courses:

  • Carpentry 12A, 12B & 12C
  • If indentured as a Youth Apprentice (Youth Work In Trades): WRK 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B
  • If student proceeds to Camosun for Level One (Youth Train In Trades): TRN 12A & TRN 12B
Materials / Equipment / Cost:

Students will need to provide their own work boots, work wear, rain gear, personal safety protection. eg: eye protection, hearing protection, hard hat etc.
There is no tuition cost, but students are required to pay an application fee of $42.66.
Textbook fees are approximately $750 when students attend Camosun.
All hand and power tools are supplied, though most students prefer to purchase their own hand tools and carpentry apron.

Transition Process:

The transition process is intended to be seamless with this program.  Students must have industry related work experience as a condition of the program.  As they progress they should ultimately become indentured as an apprentice with their employer so that they are ready to step into full time employment upon completion of their Level One Carpentry Apprenticeship class and graduation.  After accumulating approximately 2500 hours in industry they will be eligible to return to a training institute for Level Two technical training.

Link to ITA website:

Student Successes:

Darcy Rhodes, (Carpentry, 2012), Stelly’s Secondary School
Myles Harris, (Carpentry, 2012), Parkland Secondary School
Zach Borkovic(Carpentry, 2013), Stelly’s Secondary School
Dustin Dugstad, (Carpentry, 2014), Claremont Secondary School
Damien Tom & Joel Sampson, (Carpentry, 2016), Individual Learning Centre

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