Professional Cook (E-pprentice)

Megan MoyesProgram Description:

  • This is a “blended” delivery model where students focus on their practical skills in the Stelly’s Teaching Kitchen and get the bulk of their theoretical training via Distance Learning (on-line) modules from Camosun College.

  • Students learn the basics of cooking theory as well as appropriate techniques and use of specific ingredients.  Cooking methodology covers essential safety, sanitation, and presentation.

  • Students put theory into practice in a commercial kitchen / restaurant setting.

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Location / Post Secondary Partner:

Stelly’s Secondary, in partnership with Camosun College.


Students should possess grade appropriate numeracy and literacy skills. Ideally, students will have taken a block or two of classes in a teaching kitchen environment  prior to grade 11, they will enrol in 2 to 4 blocks of instruction in the teaching kitchen in grade 11, and they will take a full slate of courses in the teaching kitchen in second semester of grade 12.  Students must have a part time job in industry working in the culinary sector with an opportunity to become indentured as a youth apprentice.

Application Process:

Students from Stelly’s must enrol in the appropriate culinary courses in grade 10 and eleven.  Students from other District schools must cross enrol with assistance from their school based career counsellor.  Students must have the Program Teacher’s recommendation to enrol in the E-pprentice component of the program in grade 12 and complete a South Island Partnership application package.  Students must meet with their home school Career Counsellor to complete this process.


Credits Earned:

In their grade 12 year, students have the potential to earn credit for a minimum of 6 courses.

  • Cook Training: CKT 12A, 12B, 12C

  • Level One Apprenticeship: TRNB 12A, 12B

  • Work Experience: WEx 12A (and probably ) WEx 12B

If indentured as a Youth Apprentice (Youth Work In Trades): WRK 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B

Materials / Equipment / Cost:

Students will be required to purchase their own jacket (approx $50) and may wish to purchase their own knives.  Textbook fees are approximately $400.

There is no tuition cost, but students are required to pay an application fee of $42.66.

Transition Process:

  • The transition process is intended to be seamless with this program.  Students must have industry related work experience prior to admission into the program and continue this employment as a condition of the program.  As they progress they should ultimately become indentured as an apprentice with their employer so that they are ready to step into full time employment upon graduation.  After accumulating 1,000 hours in industry they will be eligible to return to a training institute for Level Two technical training.

  • For Professional Cook there are three Levels and the apprentice must log 5000 hours of WBT to complete his/her full apprenticeship.

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Student Successes:

Katrina Archibald, (Professional Cook, 2012), Stelly’s Secondary School

Madeline Tymchuk, (Professional Cook, 2016), Claremont Secondary School

Hannah Butler, (Professional Cook, 2018), Stelly’s Secondary School

Megan Moyes, (Professional Cook, 2018), Stelly's Secondary School

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