Marine Service Technician (MST)

MarineProgram Description:
Marine Service Technician is sometimes described as a jack-of-all-trades for the Marine sector.  Students will learn about on board systems, like plumbing and electrical, as well as learning about hull repair, masts and rigging, propulsion systems (engines), etc.  Students participate in a minimum of two blocks of practical instruction at Parkland Secondary in first semester during the day and attend the intensive technical training sessions 1 evening per week (usually Thursday) at Quadrant Marine Institute where they will join up with a blended cohort of adult students from industry.
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Location / Post Secondary Partner:

Parkland Secondary (daytime sessions), in partnership with Quadrant Marine Institute (evening seminars)


Students should possess grade appropriate numeracy and literacy skills.  Some prior work experience in the marine service sector is very desirable as well as a minimum of two shop courses (or similar experience) and an expressed interest in working in the marine sector in maintenance/repair and/or construction of vessels from 15’  to 150’ in length.

Application Process:

Students must complete a Marine Service Technician application package, available from Parkland Secondary or

Students must meet with their home school Career Counsellor to complete this process.

Credits Earned:

Students will earn credit for at least 4 courses:

  • Hands on Training: Marine Restoration and Repair 11 and 12

  • Level One Apprenticeship: TRNITA 12A

  • Work Experience: WEx 12A (and probably WEx 12B)

If indentured as a Youth Apprentice (Youth Work In Trades): WRK 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B

Materials / Equipment / Cost:

Students will be required to purchase their own work wear as well and work boots and personal protective equipment.  Eg: eye protection, hearing protection, hard hat etc.

Textbook fees are approximately $150

There is no tuition cost.

Transition Process:

The transition process is intended to be seamless with this program.  Students must have industry related work experience prior to admission into the program and continue this employment as a condition of the program.  As they progress they should ultimately become indentured as an apprentice with their employer so that they are ready to step into full time employment upon graduation.  After accumulating approximately 1000 hours in industry they will be eligible to return to Quadrant Marine Institute for Level Two technical training.

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Student Successes:
Doug Evans, (Marine Service Technician, 2014), Stelly’s Secondary School

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