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Youth Work in Trades Scholarship Winner

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Youth Work in Trades Scholarship Winner
by Colleen McNamee - Monday, 17 September 2018, 1:26 PM

Michaela Pennell was awarded a $1000 scholarship called the Youth Work in Trades Award for Joinery.

Michaela was a South Island Partnership student and completed Level 1 in her grade 12 year.

The Criteria for this award are

  • Been registered with the Industry Training Authority as a Youth Apprentice
  • Graduated with a Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma or Adult Dogwood
  • Successfully completed WRK 11A, WRK 11B, WRK 12A, and WRK 12B
  • Maintained a C+ average or better on Grade 12 numbered courses *
  • Reported a total of at least 900 hours to the ITA¬†

Michaela has now completed her Level 2 in Joinery at BCIT and working full time in Sidney as a Joiner.